Canadian Rockers Return After Lead Vocalist Survives “Dead Man’s Curve,” near fatal crash

Like a fine wine left to age and mature until its time is right, Canadian rockers, CONEY HATCH, have returned with Four, the band’s first album of new studio material in nearly three decades. Released by Frontiers Records on September 24th, Four is a tour de’force and the highly anticipated reunion from a band that many feel were among the best hard rock acts to ever emerge from Canada.

“All of us are thrilled to have recorded a 4th CONEY HATCH record,” says bassist and co-writer Andy Curran. “We never thought it would happen but the stars aligned and hell froze over! “  Sample the album at:

Once dubbed “The Loudest Band in Toronto,” CONEY HATCH is back with its unique brand of melodic riff-rock that first brought the band to the attention of critics and rock fans worldwide. Formed in Toronto, original members Andy Curran, Carl Dixon, Dave Ketchum and Steve Shelski released three gold albums between 1982 and 1986. After those releases and many miles of successes and rocky roads under their belts, the band members went their separate ways.

The story of CONEY HATCH’s reunion is almost as compelling as the music, itself. In 2008, while recording in Australia, lead vocalist Carl Dixon, was nearly killed in a horrific head-on collision. While doctor’s worked feverishly to save him, he lay in a semi-conscious coma, one that would last for months. His wife, who had never left his side, reached out to his former band mates for words of encouragement.

While none of the members ever thought Dixon would be in a position to rock’n’roll again, and certainly never imagined the band’s reunion, they all offered Dixon hope that they would someday play together again.

“We would not have reunited without all of this,” says Dixon, who, now, is essentially fully recovered.  “The crash and the emotions that it evoked in us all was the determining factor in us realizing what had happened and why we broke up in the first place.”

After two long years of rehabilitation, Dixon was ready to perform again, and when he did, he asked his former band mates to be there with him. Now, CONEY HATCH is ready to resume its rightful place on the rock’n’roll highway, with select  dates currently being scheduled.For more, please visit:

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