First Step: the first Marius Pop album

marius-pop-first-stepMarius Pop’s first solo album is called First Step and has been officially released. You can get it on CD Baby, for $10 (the whole album) or $0.99 (any of the tracks).

Click here to buy First Step, an album on which Marius has worked with some fabulous Romanian musicians. The name of the project is M Theory.

The track list of the album is as follows:

1. First Step

2. Groove del Sol

3. The Way It Is

4. Divide and Conquer

5. The Hacker

6. Hey Dude

7. Marbri

8. Nefertiti

9. Liquid Soundtrack

10. Home

Here is the list of musicians that have worked with Marius to make this record a reality:

Marcel Moldovan – drums

Mihai Ardelean – keyboards

Alex Racovita – keyboards

Dan Georgescu – bass

Gabriel Dragan – drums

Alex Szuz – drum

Joe Balogh – guitar

Oliver Bader – guitar

Radu Miculita – guitar

Radu Niculescu – guitar

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