Hake Rock is changing the rules

Somehow the local rocker universe was distorted after one band called HAKE ROCK ..
Its five guilty members Nan, Eiken, Frank, Vasko and Bruja gave to the local scene an excuse to continue the rock and roll’s experience.

Despite his short time of existence HAKE ROCK is working in one new album called “Play”, a few bizarre videos in youtube with audios ranked in more radios throughout United Sates and a nomination “Best Rock Band in Florida” at the Paoli Awards, and appearances in television, radio and magazines, and of course in the web..

The style that develops this band is quite different, because music has shades next to hard rock, metal, alternative, u / or progressive; which serves to attract different rock tastes, and this can be seen on any show that gives HAKE ROCK along country … Hake Rock is changing the rules in this crazy game, and wanna win !!!

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