Merillat Launches The Good Life Music Video and Contest

Consumers can win a grand prize of a kitchen makeover, cash or other prizes

On April 27, 2009 Merillat launched the first-ever ‘Good Life’ music video and contest.

Merillat’s new ‘Good Life’ music video focuses on the kitchen as the social hub of the home. The upbea rock music video showcases a party and emphasizes the importance of socializing in the home, especially within the kitchen. Its target audience is the younger, first-time homebuyer.

Merillat’s ‘Good Life’ Video Contest encourages consumers to create and share their own videos depicting what ‘The Good Life’ means to them. Participants can win a grand prize of a complete kitchen makeover, among other prizes; second prize of $1,000 or a $100 iTunes gift card.

“We understand how influential and key the younger generation is in the home buying market; especially when you consider all the incentives out there for first-time homebuyers,” said Mark Ayers, Merillat’s vice president of marketing. “With this in mind, we’re reacting to the unique shopping behaviors of this audience.”

According to Ayers, the video and contest will meet this audience where they search for their information and where their perceptions of brands are formed — on the Web. More than just a music video, ‘The Merillat Good Life’ is one step in a targeted campaign to expand the Merillat brand. Additionally, a new intuitive Web site will be launched later this year.

“Our goal is to inspire life in the kitchen, not only through entertaining, but by educating homeowners on how to make smarter kitchen design decisions to fit their lifestyles,” continued Ayers. “Through all the cutting edge research we’ve completed on consumers and their kitchen use, we found they don’t always think about how they are going to use their kitchens before making the investment to build or remodel. We want to help with those decisions so that homeowners can enjoy ‘The Good Life’ in a Merillat kitchen.”

Entrants can get their chance to win ‘The Good Life’ contest by posting their videos on Merillat’s Facebook page or by visiting Merillat’s Web site,, and viewing ‘The Good Life’ music video. Videos need to be posted by June 4, 2009; and select videos will appear on Merillat’s Facebook page where fans can vote on their favorite. Winners will be announced July 2009.

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