Rock and Roll Music Icon Fred Walecki, Owner of Westwood Music, Joins Max Sound Advisory Board

Max Sound Corporation announced the addition of Fred Walecki to their Advisory Board to help introduce Max Sound’s HD Audio technology to key contacts within the music industry.

“Fred Walecki is a legendary Industry Icon in the International music scene,” says John Blaisure – CEO of Max Sound Corporation.  “The history and relationships that Fred has accumulated are with the biggest names in the music business both past and present at every level and genre from Artists to Music Producers to Record Labels. He is a perfect candidate for advising Max Sound on how to enter this market at the highest levels. Fred Walecki brings with him the ability to help facilitate the huge revenue market that can dramatically benefit from re-mastering all MP3 and AAC music with the Max Sound HD Audio process. As he helps us increase the Max Sound Buzz around the industry these music Icons enter our Studios in Santa Monica and hear the difference between a Max Sound HD MP3 Audio file and the original MP3 or even the original CD and they are blown away.”

The Max Sound HD Audio process is positioned to impact the music industry comparable to when CDs took over the public’s imagination in the early 1980s. The only difference is that with Max Sound the industry doesn’t have to retool in order to get back the CD quality sound that has been lost in the last decade due to compression technologies and music download services. Now that MP3s, AACs, and other compressed formats are the new standard on how audio content is delivered, and are continuing to dominate over and replace the CD, this provides a strategic advantage to the Max Sound HD Audio process.

Since the 1960s, Westwood Music and its owner have been at the center of rock and roll legend making.  The stories of Fred Walecki are well known in the Global music scene, like the time the Rolling Stones went to see Sonny and Brownie at the Ash Grove, driven by Fred in his mom’s station wagon. Or when Bernie Leadon promised to stand good for a Westwood Music charge account for his new band, which had come up with the questionable name of “The Eagles.”

“My family has been in the music business for many years,” said Fred Walecki.  “We have been providing musicians with the best equipment and instruments we could get our hands on since 1947, but never in the past 40 years, including when CDs came out, have I heard audio sound as good is it does with Max Sound’s HD process outside of a recording studio.  They truly have their hands on a ready to deploy breakthrough technology that I believe will revolutionize the music industry and I am excited to join their advisory board and help make several key introductions that could lead to some tremendous partnerships.”

Years ago Fred Walecki was diagnosed with throat cancer, and because of the strong relationships he had in the music business, long time friend Glyn Johns  (Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart, etc.) formed a benefit concert that was held in his name to help raise funds for the substantial medical costs.  Due to the response they had to add a second day to the venue. Close friends and performers at this concert included Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, Jackson Brown, Randy Meisner, Spinal Tap, Jeff Bridges, David Crosby, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Emmylou Harris, Warren Zevon, Ry Cooder, Albert Lee, Colin Hay and many others.

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