Rock Band’s Photo Contest to Feature Fans in Music Video

What if a favorite photo of yours could be in a rock music video? The rock band Kindred Souls is producing a music video for “Leap of Faith,” a song about overcoming obstacles and achieving personal triumphs.

Fans can download the song for free at, and upload a photo that shows their “leap of faith.” The winner will get a hundred dollars donated to their favorite charity. The deadline for submitting photos is May 20th.

What is a “Leap of Faith?” “The song is about saying to yourself, ‘I believe in you!’ It means taking a great leap towards believing in yourself and what you can accomplish,” says Kindred Souls singer-songwriter Jeff Rafferty.

Kindred Souls joined forces with international media social network website to ask people to share photographs of their “Leap of Faith” — whatever that means to them. is based in 215 countries. The band’s goal is get as many people as possible around the globe to collaborate on producing a user-generated video.

Photographers, proud parents and grandparents, students, athletes, performers, non-profits, and anyone who has a “leap of faith” photo are encouraged to participate.

To be in the music video, visit or Download the song for free, and submit a photo and briefly explain how the photo expresses a “Leap of Faith.”

The contest ends May 20th. After that, fans will be asked to vote for their favorites. The photos will be compiled into a music video for the song “Leap of Faith” and launched on YouTube and on

“We will include as many photos as possible in the video and donate $100 to the favorite charity of whoever submits the most popular photo,” says Kindred Souls songwriter and keyboardist Lon Bachrach.

What inspired Leap of Faith? Band founders Rafferty and Bachrach agree it was drawn from overcoming some of their own personal struggles, which includes trying to achieve success for their music.

Playing in clubs ranging from Asbury Park’s Stone Pony to New York’s Knitting Factory, Kindred Souls is an all-original rock-n-roll band whose music has shades of blues, jazz, R&B, funk, and soul. The band features bassist Stan Quincy Adams, guitarists Ted Heman and Jeff Samet, and drummer Paul Lavenhar.

“Part of our message is to tell other artists and folks of vision, who are the carriers of creativity’s torch, don’t stop! Continue to share, to create, and to believe. Take your leap of faith!”

Source: Kindred Souls

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