Rock Guitarist Survives Ocean Plunge in Greenland Amid Icebergs

He sports a blue beard and plays a blue guitar in a band called Liquid Blue. But Michael Vangerov, known to his fans as “The Grovler,” wasn’t planning to add blue skin to the above list when he jumped out of a boat (in a bathing suit) into the icy ocean waters just off the coast of Greenland.

The Grovler leaped from the relative safety of a small fishing boat into below freezing waters (ocean water freezes at 28.4 degrees) right next to a large iceberg after receiving a $100 dare from band mate (vocalist) Scott Stephens.

“The water was a gorgeous blue color, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day in Greenland,” stated The Grovler, who has performed with his band Liquid Blue in 114 countries, a world-record. The eco-conscious group is one of the first musical acts to be “certified green”.

Once in the water, the guitar player smiled and swam away from the boat. But after just a few seconds he quickly felt the sting of the freezing water and rushed back to the vessel where he was helped back onboard.

“I wasn’t going to go in after him. He’s lucky to be alive,” said Liquid Blue singer Nikki Green. “He’s a little madman! I wouldn’t have done it for $10,000,” voiced DJ Layla Loxa, another long-time band member.

“The Grovler” is now fully thawed and once again touring with Liquid Blue. The band has shows in Laredo TX, Kansas City MO, Big Bear CA and Las Vegas NV in February.

View the video here:

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