School of Rock is Back in Session

New App From Apple’s App Store Helps People Unleash Their Inner Rock Star

A new type of school is opening its doors today to teach people how to play music like a Rock Star — on their iPhone and iPod touch! School of Rock, developed by Paramount Digital Entertainment, is a new application now available from Apple’s App Store that teaches the basics of learning how to play instruments using a unique and interactive format. The School of Rock app is based on the 2003 Paramount Pictures’ theatrical release and tells the story of a struggling musician who takes a substitute teaching job, winds up teaching the kids music and helps them to form a band.

Taking a cue from the movie, the application focuses on principles of music education and gives users the opportunity to experiment with playing musical instruments and songs. Working with a variety of authentic virtual instruments ranging from guitar, bass, piano and drums, users can learn to play tracks from legendary artists including Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Scorpions and Royal.

The School of Rock application also incorporates a multi-faceted array of features that give players the opportunity to explore the history and diversity of music and instruments through a series of quizzes and challenges. Some of these features include:

  • Channels including School of Drums, School of Keys, School of Guitar and School of Bass
  • Challenges to identify brand-name guitars and keyboards using “axes” from some of the leading names in music
  • Instruction in the areas of melody, harmony, rhythm, tempo and beats
  • Ability to record your own jam session to playback for review or fun

As the game progresses, the songs and variations become more challenging allowing players to master instruments, advance to different levels and accumulate points that eventually result in graduation from The School of Rock.

Consumers can download School of Rock for $6.99 from Apple’s App store on iPhone and iPod touch or at .

Source: Paramount Digital Entertainment

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