Soul Asylum New Album “DELAYED REACTION” Available Everywhere

Soul Asylum is back and newly signed with 429 Records which released their first album in six years, “DELAYED REACTION”.

The response has been amazing with features running in USA Today, The Onion AV Club and reviews forthcoming in Spin and USA Today. The band will also perform July 20th @ First Avenue in Minneapolis to celebrate the release.  More tour dates forthcoming.

This time around, the veteran band is energized with a recalibrated lineup that includes founders Dave Pirner and Dan Murphy alongside new bassist Winston Roye (Tommy Stinson helped record the album replacing original member Karl Mueller who passed away in 2006) and former Prince drummer Michael Bland.  “DELAYED REACTION,” which was produced by the band and overseen by John Fields, bristles with the tightly wound, slightly ragged vibe that characterized the band when they emerged straight out of Minneapolis.

The recording took place in various locations—beginning in Los Angeles and then relocating to New Orleans and Minneapolis and back to LA–each town giving the tracks a unique backdrop of local culture vibe. 

Originally formed in 1983 in Minneapolis, MN, Soul Asylum has maintained their reputation for honest, heartfelt rock from their beginnings on scrappy local label Twin Tone (which concurrently nurtured the careers of seminal rockers the Replacements), through their commercially successful days on A&M and Columbia Records (where they scored a Grammy for the monster hit single “Runaway Train”).  The band has persevered through the good times of garnering several platinum albums and accolades including a performance for the Presidential inauguration of Bill Clinton to enduring the personal tragedy of losing Karl Mueller to cancer six years ago.


  1. Gravity
  2. Into The Light
  3. The Streets
  4. By The Way
  5. Pipe Dream
  6. Let’s All Kill Each Other
  7. Cruel Intentions
  8. The Juice
  9. Take Manhattan
  10. I Should’ve Stayed In Bed

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