Unauthorized Bon Jovi Memoir Goes International

Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi Available Worldwide through Amazon

With fans worldwide clamoring for an inside look at how Jon Bon Jovi and his band catapulted to fame, a sensational new unauthorized memoir is now available internationally through Amazon. Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi, written by original tour manager Rich Bozzett, tells what went on behind the scenes as the band transformed into a top-selling hit maker with a defining impact on popular culture.

During his time on the road with the Bon Jovi band from 1983 to 1989, Bozzett witnessed the ups and downs before the aspiring rock star became famous. His memoir recounts what one reviewer called “a gripping first-person tell-all that chronicles an iconic music phenomenon.”

Due to Bon Jovi’s huge international following, the memoir is being made available to a wider audience of readers outside the United States. “Jon and his band have fans far and wide and my book will give them an up-close account of how the group got to where they are now and what they did along the way,” said Bozzett.

The memoir meticulously documents life on the road from the group’s first performances as an opening act before a few hundred people to selling more than 130 million records and performing for more than 34 million fans worldwide. It includes details of how the breakout success of the Slippery When Wet tour saved the band from financial chaos and how in-fighting and overwork led to its two-year breakup in 1990. Among the memoir’s revealing details are Jon’s use of drugs before and after each show and the unintended effects they had on him and how the band was linked to one of the nation’s largest cocaine and marijuana drug smuggling operations at the time, leading to frequent run-ins with airline security and the D.E.A., including strip searches of Jon.

The book is available online for US$24.95 plus shipping and handling at http://www.sexdrugsandbonjovi.com and can also be purchased at worldwide at http://www.amazon.com.

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